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            Mission and vision

            • With 14 outside and 8 inside sales people, Steel and Wire specializes in offering the highest quality, most comprehensive line of fasteners and building materials
            • Steel and Wire, founded in 1929, is an 80-year old family-owned second and third generation company
            • Operates with a large staff of full-time employees, averaging 20-25 years of experience
            • Our sales people sell strictly fasteners, adhesives and connectors to the retail and wholesale end of the business
            • Provide the most comprehensive, user-friendly catalogs in the industry Steel and Wire provides the best quality products to our customer base and backs it up with weekly deliveries, low pre-paid minimums, and a support staff that creates pull through sales for our valuable dealer/distributor base
            • The Bottom Line:

            Company Values

            • The Customer comes first
            • We are committed to keeping a large inventory on hand to allow quick delivery, low minimums ($750 prepaid), all at a competitive price
            • We believe "Consistency Wins the Race"